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What activities is MINOTAUR MARKETS LTD involved in and is it officially registered?

MINOTAUR MARKETS LTD is a British investment company # 13279922 with an office in England. Our activities are legal and fully consistent with the laws of the United Kingdom, as well as other international laws in the field of finance and investment.

What are the benefits of working with MINOTAUR MARKETS LTD?

Our most important advantages are profitability, reliability and customer convenience. The employees of our company have extensive experience in the area of investment, including in the forex market, cryptocurrencies and the stock exchange, which allows us to diversify risks and make a steady profit.

Do I need to visit the company office to start a interaction with us?

In order to become our investor it is not necessary to personally be present in the office of the company. We have developed a strategy for accepting investments and paying dividends remotely. But if you want to get acquainted with the work of the company in more detail and see everything with your own eyes, you can always visit our office at 15 Ladyshot, Harlow, England, CM20 3EL during business hours.

How can I earn money with MINOTAUR MARKETS LTD?

There are two ways to make money with us. The first and main one is direct investment in the company, you will receive a fixed income according to the selected investment plan. The second way is to earn money by attracting referrals, you can get a fixed percentage of each deposit made by a new member registered by your affiliate link.

What information should I provide in order to create an account and join the company?

We give preference to anonymity and respect the desire of customers to remain incognito on the network. Therefore, for cooperation with us, you just need to specify a minimum of information about yourself: tell us your e-mail for communication with us and also the data of payment systems for paying dividends.

How many accounts on the company site can I create?

The use of multiple accounts is prohibited by the company, each participant can create only one account in the project. If we find out that you have several accounts, they will be suspended, and the funds returned without dividends during the working week.

Why is it profitable to work with your company?

The investment offers we offer were developed specifically for online investments and correspond to the realities of the market. They are balanced and will suit any investor, regardless of their starting capital.

What are the risks of online investment in MINOTAUR MARKETS LTD?

We do everything that depends on us in order to minimize and ultimately remove the risks associated with online investments. Our experts have a lot of experience for successful trading and providing profit for the company and our investors.

How to open a deposit in MINOTAUR MARKETS LTD?

You can open a deposit in the corresponding menu in your account. Choose an investment plan, indicate the amount you want to invest and make a payment. For your convenience, a profit calculator has been added to the site, which will clearly show the amount of profit that you will receive according to the selected investment plan and the amount of the deposit made.

What payment methods do you accept?

We work with major payment systems and cryptocurrencies, namely Perfect Money, ePyCore, Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Dogecoin DOGE, Dash, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Binancecoin BNB, Tron TRX, USDT (ERC20, TRC20 and BEP20).

My deposit did not appear in my personal account after the funds were sent. Why?

Do not worry, all transactions are processed automatically, but they are also committed to the system and will never be lost. To enroll deposits made in cryptocurrency, a certain number of network confirmations may be required. As a last resort, you can always write to us by mail or using the support form on the site to resolve any issues.

How many network confirmations will be required before the deposit is credited to the account?

For all types of cryptocurrencies, a minimum of three confirmations is required and then the deposit will be credited.

How many deposits can I create?

You can create as many deposits as you want for one or different plans, including VIP. Each deposit will work separately. You can also reinvest profits from the balance of your account.

Do you charge any additional fee or commission for servicing your account or created deposits?

No, we do not charge any additional or hidden fees! But note that each payment system, including cryptocurrencies, has its own conditions and commissions.

If I made a deposit in one payment system, can I withdraw funds to another?

Unfortunately, the company’s website does not provide for conversion from one payment system to another. You can withdraw funds exclusively to the payment system in which they are on the account balance. The same applies to referral deposits for deposits made by invited members.

How can I reinvest my profit?

In order not to lose on payment system commissions, you can reinvest accrued funds directly from your account balance. To do this, select "Spend funds from the Account Balance" with the appropriate payment system.

How quickly the funds requested for withdrawal will go directly to my balance in the payment system?

All withdraw requests are processed instantly. If the withdrawal does not occur instantly, then in some cases it may take up to 24 hours.
For cryptocurrencies, you may also need at least three-six network confirmations before the funds become available for future use.

Are there any restrictions on the withdrawal of funds from the company's website?

We do not limit you to the maximum withdrawal of funds, but there are some minimum restrictions:
Perfect Money - $0.1
ePyCore - $0.1
Bitcoin - $20
Ethereum - $$20
Litecoin - $$10
Dogecoin DOGE - $3
Dash - $1
Bitcoin Cash BCH - $1
Binancecoin BNB - $20
Tron TRX - $1
USDT - $10

How does an affiliate program work?

Very simple. For each client of the company a unique affiliate link is generated including his login. Each new member registered through your affiliate link becomes your referral and in the future for each of his deposits you will be credited to your balance 1% of the amount deposited by him.

Where can I get my affiliate link?

Your affiliate link will be available in your account immediately after registration. You can also visit the banner section to promote your affiliate link using animated banners.

Do I have to be an active investor in a company in order to be able to earn money by promoting my affiliate link and attracting new members to the company's website?

You do not need to have an active deposit to receive rewards for referrals. But you can also reinvest your income by choosing any of the investment plans in order to increase your earnings.

If my referral makes several different deposits, will I get a reward for each of them?

Yes, you will receive a reward for each new referral deposit, but only if the funds are paid from the payment system. There is no affiliate reward for reinvesting from your account balance.

What are the ways to attract referrals?

We do not limit you in the ways of attracting referrals. You can use social networks, forums, your website, blog and offline promotion. At the same time, we are anti-spam and strongly recommend that you avoid this method of promoting company information.

What do I need to become a VIP member and what are the advantages of this?

Any client of the company can become a VIP member. It is enough to make a deposit on one of VIP plans. Among the advantages of such cooperation, we can mention the increased profit and faster return on your investment, as well as 24/7 support by phone, which will be available to you immediately after the first deposit to the VIP plan.

I didn't find an answer to my question, who can I contact?

You can always write to us using the support form on the website or directly to the company's email address Join the telegram group and ask a question in the chat, where you can also communicate with other clients of the company. Round-the-clock phone support is also available for VIP participants.